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Today in 1971, Greenpeace was founded. How are you helping to keep your section of Earth green these days?
I sold my car for financial reasons so that's the biggie really, although it's a coincidental thing rather than a conscious effort to be environmentally aware ("environmentally friendly" sounds a bit too Blue Peter).  If I want to get somewhere, I'll either be walking or using public transport.  I have energy-saving lightbulbs, mainly because my electricity company seem to send me three free ones a year and they last for ages so pretty much every bulb in my flat is energy saving.  I turn off my TV at the switch rather than putting it on standby at the remote. Louise leaves everything on standby, and it annoys me almost as much as my obsessive switching-everything-off annoys her.  I tend to take showers rather than baths, which I'll be doing more consciously as soon as my water-meter is installed.  I really should recycle, but it is a hassle to bag up all my junk and walk ten minutes into the village to the recycle point, when I can just stick it in the bins downstairs.  The only thing I actually recycle at the moment is paper and card, because that's all we have a seperate bin for.  My fridge and freezer and stuff are pretty old and probably very ineffecient in terms of energy (the seals on their doors are both a bit knackered - if I've had the freezer open for a while I have to prop the door closed with my kitchen bin until the vacuum kicks in), but I can't afford to replace them right now anyway.
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