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Previous Entry Levelling the land Apr. 9th, 2005 @ 01:15 pm Next Entry
Just got back from Lisa's house where I spent the night on her sofa following another fantastic Levellers gig at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield. The guys have never failed me yet. I'm a bit bruised and battered, but this is to be expected since the venue was full above capacity and since I was in the front row right in the very centre. Couple of people seemed to cut their heads open pretty badly crowdsurfing, but otherwise a good night was had by all.

The support band, McDermott's 2 Hours, were good but not as great as I was expecting. I saw Nick Burbridge (lead singer of McDermott's 2 Hours) on the way in (I think). I went 'ooh' and pointed and everyone else thought I was mad and he frowned at me, so I'm guessing it was him. I think that McDermott's 2 Hours really good when they concentrate on gentler, more folky acoustic stuff because their lyrics are shit hot, but last night they played a set which was a bit louder and more up-tempo than I thought they seemed comfortable with. Their best bits were Bloody Sunday and Dirty Davey, though, by far. It's a shame that they don't have the energy or showmanship of the levellers live. Nick Burbridge was just standing in one place looking down with his eyes closed for most of the set which seemed a bit of a let-down. Unfortunately, the acoustics or the PA or both weren't great, and both bands got a bit muddied and garbled. A few times, it took me until halfway through the song to work out what the hell they were singing. Great crowd, though, except for the whiny little bitch just to my right who clearly had never been to see a band before ever. She kept having a go at the people around her for pushing into her, and I think both me and Lisa at one point told her to fuck off to the back if she didn't want to get shoved a bit.

There was a bit of a long gap between the supporting band and the Levellers. Long enough for Lisa to fight her way to the bar and get drinks, and me to go spend a penny (not that I'd been drinking, of course...) and still get back to our places right at the front in the middle. Don't ask me how we did it, because nobody was saving the places and the venue was packed right to the back, not just for a couple of rows at the front as is customary when they play sheffield uni. I heard they'd sold 1700 tickets, and it is a tiny venue. Well, anyway, the levellers were kickass and shithot and so forth. Lovely lovely lovely levellers. They played a couple of tracks from their new album which is coming out soon, I think (or maybe they were older tracks but the sound was so shit I couldn't tell). Seemed good, anyway. They plugged beautiful days, and told us we were too rowdy to go. I'm considering going anyway, so if anyone fancies a bit of festivalgoing this summer, then let me know sooner rather than later.

It was a good good night, and I'm not hungover so I couldn't have drunk that much. And I got another lovely lovely levellers t-shirt to add to my collection (this brings my total to 6, now, I think). Then this morning I got a train back to Doncaster and now I'm at home. About to fill in an application form for a job I actually want. Sort of. Insofar as I want any job at all.
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Date:April 9th, 2005 03:10 pm (UTC)
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Date:April 11th, 2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
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Date:April 11th, 2005 07:35 pm (UTC)

are you going to any festivals?
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Date:April 14th, 2005 10:07 am (UTC)
i want to go to glastonbury but i have an exam on the thursday :( i'm still going to try and get there though.

but i'm leaving the country on july 10th so i cant really go to any others! WOOOO!
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